Monday, December 21, 2009

Spilled Coffee and Shopping

Have you been wondering where I've been? (Pammy chuckles) Well, I'm here to tell you, it's been a long weekend!

Those that follow us regularly know, we have to drive 45 minutes to go shopping and it takes a bit of time to prepare for those trips since we usually only go once or twice a month.

Friday I started getting ready to go shopping on Saturday. Then it happened ... I spilled my cup of coffee all over the area I was working at ... those "precious" coupons ... goners!

Saturday's shopping trip had to be delayed until Sunday which meant leaving very early and getting home just in time for the Packer's game.

Even with the "rush" shopping and loss of coupons I had intended to use, we still did okay.

We spent $162.66 and saved $192.95.

(Which included one $10 gift and $20 dog food)

Lesson learned, Pammy won't have coffee by her coupons anymore! lol!

PS - Thanks Valerie S! We went to Kmart and used the coupons for Chef Michael's you sent us. The bags sell for $3.99 and the cans are $0.89. We bought 7 bags of Chef's, 14 cans of Chef's and 1 box of cards ($1.74). OOP was $20.21 and we saved $27.87 thanks to you and a $5 gift card we had!

"Little Miss Spoiled" sends you a nice wet doggy kiss to say "Thank You"!

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