Saturday, March 27, 2010

NEW! Walgreens Match-Ups - Sites I Recommend

Oh my! What to do? I get emails often from people wanting to see more store match-ups. I also hear from folks saying they just want coupons and such.

This has been a bit of a dilemma for me. I've been putting some thought into what and/or how changes could be made to satisfy most.

I do know it's hard to keep up with all the blogs and their info. Therefore, I am going to list some sites I feel have great resources for Walgreens week-to-week sales.

Starting today, you will find a "button" on the right side of the page that will link to this post, which I will update weekly.

I will be adding more, but, to get you started ...

{ Money Saving Mom - Walgreens }

{ Saving In Akron - Walgreens }

{ Hip2Save - Walgreens }

{ } - { Redplum } - { SmartSource } - { Target }

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Anonymous,  March 27, 2010 at 10:45 PM  

Now, maybe I'm thinking of stacking, not match ups, but my local Walgreen's has informed me that they only allow one coupon per item. Is that the same for the rest of you guys? Maybe I'm odd, I always hear about people making out big with Walgreens and CVS but the stores that serve me best seem to be Rite Aid and Target. I rarely even visit Walmart anymore because of the stuff I seem to be snagging at those two since I began paying more attention to coupons. So I vote for Rite Aid and Target please... :D

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