Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place ... ?

WOW! Can you believe it's the end of March already? It's not only time for "Spring Cleaning", it's time to start thinking "Garage Sale"!

I think nearly everybody has some stuff they don't need or want anymore. Selling those items is a great way to make some extra cash for either things you do need or want.

Ask yourself, "Do I have a place for everything and is everything in it's place?". If the answer is "No", you really do need to consider having a sale.

Here's few tips you may find helpful ...

A good "rule of thumb" is to give yourself two months to prepare for the sale. This gives you plenty of time.

"Sift" through everything! Be sure you get it all before the sale instead of finding it days after the sale!

If it's been "buried" or "hidden" for ages, ask yourself, "Do I really need or want this?".

Save yourself the dreaded "pricing" all of it at once by pricing items as you find them. Not sure what to charge? Ask yourself, "What would I be willing to pay for this?".

Store the items you gather in labeled boxes, "Kitchen", "Decorating", "Children's Clothes", "Adult Clothes", and so on. This will make it easier for you when it comes to setting up your sale. Everything will be easily grouped by categories, making it more appealing to customers.

This should get you started! I will be adding more ideas and tips to this post and you will be able to find a link to it on the right sidebar.

Happy "sifting"! (Pssst ... Think "Extra Cash"!)

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