Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Small Town Shopping" - Pamida Double Coupon Event

"Mr. Saves A. Lot" ... My Wonderful Shopping Pal!

(He's a great hubby too!)

As some of you know, since we live so far from stores like Walmart, Target and such, we are now trying to shop more in the small town stores closer to home. This not only saves us from making a 45 minute trip, one way, but supporting those small town stores helps them keep their doors open for buisness.

Today we went to Arcadia to take advantage of Pamida's Double Coupon Event which runs the 6th thru the 12th. They will double up to and including $1 coupons.

I have to add, some of the gals that work at that Pamida store are just AWESOME! David and I felt very, very special today when we were invited to lunch (Pot Luck) with some of the them! (You are so sweet to have invited us! Maybe next time!) How special is that folks? I can't say that's ever happened to us before!

We did two transactions today, because, besides using coupons, we were also price matching using other store ads. It made it easier on us and them.

(Yes Steph! Lots MORE Cottonelle! lol! 84 Double Rolls now!)

Should have been $199.23 at normal prices and including tax.

We actually paid $77.84 including tax.

A total savings of 60% AND we suppported a small town store!

Keep your eyes open for clearance items. We ended up paying just 10 cents each for the Swiffer Dust and Shine! (After the coupon was doubled)

ALSO, that Pamida has Clorox Green Works laundry detergent on clearance for just $4.20 a bottle! $3.00 coupon from { Here } would make the final price just $1.20 for a 30 load bottle!!!

(I think you can still print them ... ?)

We also stopped off at the Piggly Wiggly.

1 Gallon of Milk
2 Boxes Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal
1 Package Oreo Cakesters
10 lbs Chicken Leg Quarters

Total spent $8.77 - Total saved $11.19 - A 56% savings!

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Cool 2 Clip March 6, 2010 at 9:02 PM  

I am motivated to try my local Pamida. I need to call and make sure they price match out of town. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

Mrs. Buys More and Mr. Saves A. Lot March 6, 2010 at 10:17 PM  

Thanks Steph!

Cool 2 Clip ... I'm still trying to "catch on" to it myself.

I think there are some perks for us doing the "Small Town Shopping"!

It's not likely we will ever save as much as shopping the bigger towns but it sure saves us a lot of time and travel!

We will still make an occasional trip to the cities but we are both loving the fact we don't need to do it so often!

Let me know how you do!

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